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[Dream release] Because WC doesn't like my connection...

Apr 5, 2007 10:45 PM by Discussion: Animated Wallpapers
And rapidshare, megaupload do. :/ I keep getting damn timeouts!

Preview: (Final version's a little darker though)

Download sites:

And if any mod can help add this to my queue, it's really appreciated.
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Mar 30, 2007 12:57 PM by Discussion: Animated Wallpapers
I've heard that HDTVs use special chips to upscale lower-res content to look nice on higher-res displays. Compared to NATIVE resolution, they do look better (point in case: Upscaled DVDs.)

So, would anyone want to give any dream a try? Upscale it to 1080 NOT with any cheap-ass video editing program, but with something like Premiere or Vegas. I don't have a Hugh Jazz monitor so I won't notice anything different, but those whiners should definitely experiment instead of screaming up on their high horses.

[BTW are preview threads allowed? I would want to make one on a future full motion dream I'm submitting.]
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